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Ani-gunyah  (WELCOME/HELLO)

The Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation was established in 1999 and represents the Wonnarua people. It focuses on nurturing the history and culture of the Wonnarua Nation, improving the health and education of its members and managing investments to sustain the Corporation’s work.

The Wonnarua people are traditional landowners in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. The Corporation is currently developing a map to define the traditional boundaries of Wonnarua country, based on written and oral historical records.


The current board members of the WNAC are Laurie Perry, Sandra Miller, John Lester, Arthur Fletcher, Tracey Skene, Sharon Edgar-Jones, Richard Edwards and Dean Miller (Laurie Perry is on leave of absence from the Board while he is fulfilling the CEO role).

The directors have achieved significant milestones since the Corporation was returned to the WNAC board after a period of administration. As they rebuild the Corporation they are building a bright future for the Wonnarua people.



While the board members manage the Corporation, the Elders are paramount in guiding the Wonnarua Nation.

Their wisdom and understanding of the Wonnarua is highly respected by all members of the Nation.

Are you making use of the WNAC health and education funds?

WNAC has funds available to help reimburse Wonnarua people’s health expenses which are not paid by Medicare or health funds. Support with many education expenses are also provided. For access to the relevant forms, click the following links:
Get health application form.  Get education expenses form.

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