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The Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation represents the Wonnarua People, the Traditional Landowners of the Hunter Valley

  • Biobanking

    The WNAC have established the first Biobanking site in the Hunter region, and the first Aboriginal Biobanking site in Australia

  • St Clair Masterplan

    The WNAC are currently developing the St Clair property into the Wonnarua Cultural Park

The Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation was established in 1999 and represents the Wonnarua people. It focuses on nurturing the history and culture of the Wonnarua Nation, improving the health and education of its members and managing investments to sustain the Corporation’s work.
The Wonnarua people are traditional landowners in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. The Corporation is currently developing a map to define the traditional boundaries of Wonnarua country, based on written and oral historical records.
The Directors have achieved significant milestones since the Corporation was returned to the WNAC board after a period of administration. As they rebuild the Corporation they are building a bright future for the Wonnarua people.
While the board members manage the Corporation, the Elders are paramount in guiding the Wonnarua Nation.

Their wisdom and understanding of the Wonnarua is highly respected by all members of the Nation.

The Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation engage in a wide number of projects to assist the Wonnarua People and the rest of the Aboriginal community. For more information, look at some of the pages on our website.

Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation Initiatives

Centennial Coal provides funding to the WNAC for health and education. Members of the WNAC can apply for health and education grants.
WNAC have established the first BioBanking site in the Hunter Region and the first Aboriginal BioBanking site in Australia.
The St Clair property owned by WNAC is being developed into a cultural park, with a replica of the old church, a community hall and more.
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Wonnarua Map


Employment Pathways Program


The Indigenous Employment Pathways Program aims to provide employment opportunities for 15 Aboriginal Australians living in, or with connections to the Upper Hunter area of New South Wales.

This Glencore initiative is in partnership with JobTrail, […]

Aboriginal Skills and Employment Membership Survey


Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation are undertake a study into the feasibility of establishing a WNAC Aboriginal Culture & Heritage Database. The Database is intended to support the protection and promotion of cultural heritage and […]

Meeting with the Government


WNAC CEO Laurie Perry meeting NSW Premier and Cabinet Ministers to assist the Government in finding ways to strengthen the local area and address the challenges faced across various sectors of the community.

Laurie Perry visiting […]

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Reforms


The NSW Government is reforming the way Aboriginal cultural heritage is conserved and managed in New South Wales and is seeking your feedback to help refine the proposed new system. Information sessions have been held […]

Wonnarua Language Apps


WNAC now has an online dictionary that translates words from English to Wonnarua language. The dictionary can be used on your Apple or Android device. There is also a version that can be accessed on your […]

WNAC Interview by Maitland Mercury


Laurie Perry has been featured in Maitland Mercury’s Closing The Gap article about Australia’s need to improve health and career opportunities for Indigenous Australians. You can read the article on the Maitland Mercury Website.

The Wonnarua […]

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