Health & Education Support

Centennial Coal provides annual funding of as much as $160,000 to the WNAC to support the health and education of the Wonnarua people. Members of the WNAC can apply for health and education grants. The applications are assessed by the WNAC Aboriginal Health and Aboriginal Education subcommittees.

If you would like to apply for health or education support please complete and submit the relevant forms below.

There are limited funds available and not all claims can be paid. Each person can make only two claims per year (claims can be aggregated) and the annual benefit is limited to $1,500 per person.

If you would like to apply for assistance you can download the Health Claim form, complete and mail to PO Box 889, The Junction NSW 2291. Original receipts must accompany your claim form.
Under the WNAC Health policy, payment will be considered for a range of treatments and support, these are broadly defined as:

  • Dental/orthodontic work
  • Glasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Hearing aids
  • Doctor’s visits (after Medicare rebate)
  • Physiotherapy/chiropractic costs
  • Prescription medicine/pharmaceutical costs
  • Out of pocket expenses while in hospital
  • Hospital admission excess payment (for private health insurers)
  • Mobility equipment like walking frame/scooter/circulation boosters (Doctor’s confirmation required that this would be beneficial to health and well being)
  • Hydrotherapy and aerobic classes to assist with arthritis (Doctor’s confirmation required that this would be beneficial to health and well being)
Payments will only be made in respect of the balance owing after claim on Medicare and private health insurance if applicable. In some circumstances there will be no Medicare support available and a claim for the full expense can be made for consideration. The assessment panel may also consider claims outside of these areas.

Health Expenditure

Over $300,000 has been paid from the fund to help reimburse medical expenses for Wonnarua People. If you are a member, there may be funds available to assist if you have medical expenses that fit the above criteria. Download the Health Claim Form above and submit it to: PO Box 889, The Junction NSW 2291 to apply.

Supported By: Centennial Coal

Through the Newstan Master Deed

Supported By: Centennial Coal

Through the Newstan Master Deed
2009 – $5,564
2010 – $21,898
2011 – $27,015
2012 – $37,615
2013 – $50,094
2014 – $63,180
2015 – $47,725
2016 – $55,485
Health Expenditure 2015
Health Expenditure 2016
Total Health Expenditure
Health & Education Total
The Wonnarua Education fund has been set up to assist after all other funding has been exhausted. In the first instance members should explore mainstream funding that is available. Funds are limited and the intention of this funding is to assist members in genuine need. In the event that there are insufficient funds to go around, priority will be given to first time applicants. There is an annual benefit limit of $1000 per person. Certain items claimable are limited at below $1000. Each household/family unit is limited to one computer/laptop. There is a lifetime benefit limit of $5000 per person. Members may lodge an application for their children providing they are under 18 years old.

If you would like to apply for assistance you can download the Education Claim form, complete and mail to PO Box 889, The Junction, NSW 2291. Receipts must accompany your claim form.

Under the WNAC Education Policy payment will be considered for a range of study related costs for primary, secondary, certificate, diploma, graduate, undergraduate, postgraduate or higher degree courses and professional development courses. These are broadly defined as:

  • Institutional fees, cost of text books, stationery and compulsory excursions;
  • Cost of sporting equipment up to $300 per year for secondary students;
  • Cost of tutoring – the tutor must be pre-approved by the Assessment Committee;
  • Assistance towards cost of Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS)
In certain circumstances the Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation may be in a position to assist members towards the cost of the purchase of computer hardware up to $750 (excluding iPads). At the present time, members who are currently enrolled in studying at a post secondary school level, and have successfully completed at least one semester of study are eligible to apply for this support. Members with school students from aged eight (8) upwards who are registered with the Nation may access up to $750 to purchase computer hardware (i.e. PC, laptops but excluding iPads). Any monies approved will form part of the members benefit and annual limit. Please refer also to the information required in the education application form.

NOTE: WNAC Members should not purchase computer equipment assuming that the expenditure will automatically be reimbursed, as there are a clear set of conditions that must be met. Where the conditions of the WNAC Education Policy have not been met, reimbursement will not be made. For this reason it is important to apply for funding before any purchases are made.

Payments will only be made on presentation of a valid receipt. In some circumstances the Assessment Committee will consider pre-payment to an approved tutor. In addition reimbursement of half of the approved expenditure at the beginning of the year may be considered with the other half to be paid at the end of the sponsorship year on presentation of a record of final academic results establishing satisfactory completion of subjects studied.

Education Expenditure

The Education fund has paid out over $95,000 to help WNAC Members who were undertaking study pay for education related expenses. Read the criteria above to see if you are eligible, then download and submit the claim form.

Supported By: Centennial Coal

Through the Newstan Master Deed

Supported By: Centennial Coal

Through the Newstan Master Deed
2010 – $13,776
2011 – $11,201
2012 – $10,016
2013 – $18,508
2014 – $16,718
2015 – $13,777
2016 – $13,777
Education Expenditure 2015
Education Expenditure 2016
Total Education Expenditure
Health & Education Total
A further Health Fund Policy is available to provide financial assistance to WNAC members in funding funeral costs; noting that there are other resources that can potentially assist Aboriginal families in need including a grant of $1,000 available from the NSW Aboriginal Land Council.

The Assessment Committee, at its discretion, may:

  • Approve the granting of $1000 for each bereavement of a Wonnarua person as a legitimate payment under the health fund as a consequence of loss of well being,
  • Pay the $1000 to the immediate family, or the funeral home, on application of a completed claim form. Please attach evidence of death by way of a copy of the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, Death Certificate or a copy of the tax invoice from the funeral director.
  • To apply for the WNAC Funeral Support Grant or the NSW Aboriginal Land Council Funeral Grant, please click on the links below.

As from 1 November 2012 the WNAC Health Fund may be able to assist in relation to providing financial assistance in funding costs associated with individual participation at sporting competitions when competing at an official national sporting organisation (NSO) endorsed national or international sporting championship level, for any sporting discipline and regardless of the age of the participant.
  • This is for individual participation only – teams will not be funded under this policy.
  • A minimum of two nights away attending the sporting championship event applies at a rate of $100 per night, with a maximum annual benefit of $1,000. Billeted accommodation is limited to 50% of the agreed rate.
  • Documentation submitted must include a letter from the organising committee confirming attendance, length of time away, travel and accommodation arrangements made for the applicant.
  • Payments made for representative sporting events will not affect the annual health payment limit.
It is noted that that there are other resources available for young people aged 12-18 that can potentially assist families and this financial assistance must be explored first and by individual application to the Australian Government Local Sporting Champions Program at: 
The Australian Government has introduced two new programs to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians better manage their health, especially chronic diseases. For more information, open the PDFs.