The Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation is developing many exciting projects for the Wonnarua people. Current projects include purchasing culturally important properties to develop tourism and agriculture to assisting young people with education and housing the Morrison Collection of Wonnarua artifacts, currently with the Australian Museum. Wonnarua Mine Rehabilitation is owned by WNAC and provides jobs for Aboriginal People. The WNAC are also involved in Biobanking, and are developing the Wonnarua Cultural Park at St Clair.

The Board members are enthusiastic about the current projects and are constantly on the look out for more opportunities to develop the Nation. If you have an idea for a project, please contact the Board to put it forward.

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Centennial Coal provides funding to the WNAC for health and education. Members of the WNAC can apply for health and education grants.
WNAC have established the first BioBanking site in the Hunter Region and the first Aboriginal BioBanking site in Australia.
The partnerships WNAC has with other organisations helps make many of our projects possible.
The WNAC is engaged in a number of projects relating to Culture & Heritage.
The St Clair property owned by WNAC is being developed into a cultural park, with a replica of the old church, a community hall and more.
WMR is a business owned by the WNAC that does land rehabilitation work and provides jobs for Aboriginal People.
The WNAC are building a family tree that will assist Wonnarua people to trace their heritage.
The WNAC owns several properties of cultural and historical importance. Click here to learn more.
This projects attemps to define the traditional boundaries of the Hunter Valley Aboriginal people.
The Morrison Collection is a collection of artefacts of the Wonnarua People, currently housed at the Australian Museum.
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