Valley Arm

The property at Valley Arm is near the Paynes Crossing area and is approximately 78 acres. The house at Valley Arm has fallen into terrible disrepair and the new board members of the WNAC will be organising for the house to be renovated so that it is once again fit for accommodation.

The Valley Arm property has beautiful shaded areas nestled beside a creek, which flows underground, not far from the Wollombi Brook. The location is full of rare and common native flora and fauna, which is protected by its status as a Biobanking Site. Read more about the Biobanking initiative below:

WNAC, in partnership with GHD, have turned Valley Arm into a BioBanking Site. This scheme provides a financial incentive for landholders to preserve land in its natural state. This means that Valley Arm must be kept in its current state, and its wildlife must be protected, in perpetuity. The land cannot be developed, and there is funding in place to control pests, fence the bio banking area, and re-vegetate certain areas. To view the pictures of the Biobank site check out the gallery below:

Biobanking Celebration

News Specials

The WNAC Biobanking site at St Clair is the first BioBanking site in the Hunter Region, and the first Aboriginal BioBanking site in Australia. Relive a historic moment for the Wonnarua, and all Aboriginal people in this section. On the 22nd of March 2012, a celebration of the BioBanking agreement was held at Baiame Cave, near Singleton. It was held there as Baiame Cave is very culturally important to the Wonnarua People, and Valley Arm is too remote for large numbers of people to access. The WNAC and Valley Arm were featured in the press, including several news specials produced by NBN and SBS. The SBS Video is on the left. To view the NBN special, click here.

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